I actually used both of these in my final paper.

ACorby123. youtube. 30 October 2009. 2 July 2011

This video i used because it showed that someone or something can share something with another and still be completely indevidual and completely unique in their own way. Just because these two girls are sharing the same pair of pants, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the same person and act the same way. This goes for the Samperio and the Yunque stories as well; just because they share the same narrative techniques does not mean that they are going to have the same story or structure behind their stories. Both are very different regardless of their similar foundation.

Yoda2245. youtube. 30 May 2011. 2 July 2011

This video i chose to go along with the Samperio narrative. The video is about the creator of his characters actually meeting his characters, which is basically what happens in Samperio’s story. i thought it was a clever modern spoof of Ofelia and Guillermo meeting and accepting their fate together.




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