Don Quixote 1

“As I was saying, then, at that moment she was so magnificently attired and so very beautiful that she seemed to me the loveliest woman that I’d ever seen, and when on top of this I considered how indebted I was to her, she seemed to me like a goddess from heaven who had come down to earth for my delight and deliverance” (Cervantes 380) This quote just stood out to me because I know this feeling that is overcoming him right now and it has to be the best feeling in the world. He’s talking about Zoraida in this quote and how she is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen in his life, almost like love at first sight. I also love the description and the passion in the quote as he’s saying it; you can feel what he’s feeling coming through the page. You can see his eyes open wide and his jaw drop to the ground and his heart pop out of his chest as he lays eyes upon her, as he tells us what he sees. It was just one of those lines that popped out to me a little more than any other one, which is why I picked this quote.


initial thoughts on Don Quixote

My initial thoughts on Don Quixote are that it’s going to be a fun book to read, and I get that impression from the beginning of the book. First, I know it’s a long book but I like the way the chapters are structured; they are short and there a lot of them and to me that helps because I feel like the book goes by easier and faster as opposed to long and infrequent chapters that just drag on. Another reason I feel Quixote won’t be that brutal of a read is because of the humor in it, or in the beginning at least. For example, when he arrives at the Inn for some rest after his day long journey and completely mixes up who everyone is. He thinks the prostitutes are princesses so he decides to read poetry to them, what a charmer. Of course the play along, who wouldn’t play along with that stupidity and prostitutes aren’t necessarily innocent so they obviously take advantage of the situation. They take off all his armor but his helmet because the its stuck to the guys head, which makes me chuckle a little every time I think about that, and they feed Mr. Quixote some dinner. He also mistakes the innkeeper as keeper of the castle which makes me put my hand to my face and shake it in disbelief. The innkeeper, just like the prostitutes, tries to take advantage of the situation and get some money out of this guy by scamming him, but Don Quixote has no money. The innkeeper tried scamming Quixote by making him a “knight” because Quixote insisted that “keeper of the castle” must do so. When the innkeeper found out that he had no money, he scolded Quixote and told him to leave. It’s a funny situation because he basically almost coaxed himself into getting scammed, thankfully enough he didn’t have any money on him. Overall I think Don Quixote is going to be a fun and enjoyable book to read though.

“Evan Vs Baby Oil” (how i almost died..draft)

This past Memorial Day weekend, me and a couple of friends decided to rent out a house in the Poconos. There were about 17 of us in total, in a house with three floors, for three days, with a substantial amount of alcohol. The first night we arrived a little late, but didn’t waste an ounce of time and started partying until all 17 of us passed out that night; some in a bed, some on the floor, some in the bathroom, and one of us in their car.
The next morning I was woken up by banging pots and pans and a blow horn at 9:30 in the morning; it was obviously time to start drinking again. Throughout the day, we all piled through beers and any other alcoholic beverage we could get our hangs on that was in the house. It was a beautiful day out so some of us went for a walk, some sat outside of the balcony playing kings and some of us ran the beer pong table inside the house; all that mattered was that we were all having a good time without any worries.
Soon the sun went down and the real partying began. We’ve been drinking all day but that was only relaxing and hanging out, but once the light in the sky went out the whole mood changed. The music got louder, the bubbles went into the hot tub, we got louder, and we started drinking more. This was all a very hectic combination that could either end up in disaster or turn out to be the best night of our lives, or both? The night went on smoothly; everyone was having a blast, until about 10:30. Around 10pm we had the bright idea of taking out the slip n’ slide that we bought and setting it up on the first floor of the house; we had another bright idea of covering it in baby oil to make it extra slippery. Within the first five minutes, everyone was covered in baby oil. People were wrestling in it, throwing it at others and just sliding all over the place; this is where I come into play. At this moment I had been drinking beers for over twelve hours of the day so I wasn’t exactly in the right state of mind to make a good judgment call. I set up at the end of the hallway where a friend of mine, Nikki, was also posted up. I ask her if I should go for it and she responds with a yes. I ask her if she is sure, and she responds with another yes. So I went for it. It did not go as I planned.
I decided that it would be great if I could go through the whole slide standing up as if I was surfing it; what’s the worst that could happen I thought. I got about half way through the slide before I started losing it. I lost my feet from underneath me and my head met the ground with a nice bang. When I woke up, there was a crowd of people around me and there was a lot of commotion. People were yelling and huddling all around me to see if I was okay and to try and take care of me by trying to stop the bleeding from right above my eye. My first reaction after waking up was to throw up, which worried people even more because they thought I really could be in critical condition. After a half hour of trying to suppress the bleeding and me arguing that I’m just fine, they decided to throw me in the car and take me to the nearest hospital which was thirty miles away.
When we finally got there, the couple of friends that came with me signed me in and I went straight to the emergency room. It took them a little while to get to me but two cat scans and a shot in my rear later, they were ready to fix me up good as new. They decided that I needed stitches, which was fine by me; I had the time of my life talking to my female doctor from Maryland was she was sewing me up like a worn out teddy bear. Soon enough she was finished and I was dismissed by two in the morning. When we finally got back to the house, everyone was overjoyed to see that I was alright and of course everyone wanted to know the story, and to see the scar. It was the perfect ending to the trip, but we still had another full day ahead of us…

thoughts on “She Lived in a Story”

“She Lived in a Story” by Guillermo Samperio was an exciting little story. I enjoyed the story because it was ever changing and you really didn’t know what was going to happen next. First there was a little background info about the guy writing a story about a girl but then it started to get a little interesting. It was a very clever story, even to the point where the author named the character in the story after himself and the title of the story the character was writing after the title of the whole story. The story was as if I was watching someone on television watching someone on television, watching someone else. It was a fun chain that threw some curve balls at you because you didn’t know what was going to happen next, like if a new character was going to be introduced or what viewpoint we were going to get next. It was also a great clash of reality and imagination; Samperio had characters in the story meet that could never possibly meet because they were a creation of one another. He created the original Guillermo who created the original Ofelia who created her own character; they are all creations of one another. This would make it impossible to actually physically meet each other, but Samperio discovered the perfect ending to what seemed to be a never ending chain of stories within a story by having Guillermo and Ofelia make contact and die together. Honestly, this was one of my favorite endings that I’ve ever read because it was so clever and I never expected it.

Blog 1 – “Collective Focalization in ‘She Lived in a Story'”

“Without thinking about it, he decides to move closer; with this movement of his legs, he finally achieves lucidity. He stops next to me; in silence, accepting our fatal destiny, he takes my hand and I am willing,” (Samperio 62). This is a quote, the final quote, from Guillermo Samperio’s “She Lived in a Story” which depicts a very important aspect of focalization. There are a couple of different types of focalizations but the one being portrayed by this quote is collective focalization, which is when there is focalization through a group of characters. The story by Samperio is about a man, who he named after himself, who is writing a story about a girl, who is writing a story about a man, and by the end of the story, the two characters meet and accept their fate together. This is a great clash of reality and imagination meeting as one; both are made up characters, one made up by the author, and the other created by the character created by the author. The author chooses to end the story with this collective focalization in order to put a simple end to the story I believe. He has two characters that are never supposed to meet because one is the creation of the other, and has them die together. It’s as though something has drawn them together, and they have this extreme feeling of trust for one another which could be considered odd since they’ve never met before. I use the word extreme to describe their trust because without a word, she accepts his hand and tells him that she is willing to die; it is their fatal destiny. Since this is collective focalization, we are seeing two different viewpoints in the end of this story, and they are both very comfortable with one another regardless of the fact that they have never met before. Samperio says that the male character has reached “lucidity” and the word lucid means a clear perception or understanding. As a reader, you can feel the freedom and the relief and the sense of confidence he has walking towards her to accept his fate, and same goes for Ofelia when she reaches out and takes his hand. He also made these moves without thinking; somehow he knew that it was what he had to do and she knew that it’s what she had to do. I thought having all the characters meet at the end of the story was the perfect ending to a story about multiple made up characters, it was their fate all along.