writing about writing

Yesterday in class, we were asked to write about our favorite piece of writing that we’ve ever written, so basically write about writing. I thought this was a clever idea and although I don’t have the best of memory, I wrote about the first thing that popped up into my mind; it must have popped up for a reason right? Last year I took a business law class for my BALA minor but it was a writing intensive class so it obviously had a couple of papers that made up the final grade. One of the assignments that we had was to take two laws of our choosing and alter them a little bit. We had the option to completely delete the law or delete part of the law or just switch a couple of things up, the choice was all up to us. Its sounds like an easy assignment but there was some research behind the paper as well. We had to find the exact law code as it is written in the books, like specific clause and section and we had to make sure that we knew the law. For example, I chose the seatbelt law and the legalization of marijuana, so I had to know everything about both of those laws. The seat belt law was extensive; there are different laws for different age groups concerning their safety. I was only interested in abolishing the fact that the driver was forced to wear a seatbelt. The marijuana clause wasn’t that difficult, it was pretty much a legalize it or keep it illegal thing. Either way, I loved the freedom I had with this paper; I still had to follow some guidelines but I was free to write about something I was passionate about, which is why I liked this paper so much and the fact that I got an A.


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