Fernandez 3

“’Eterna: you are not perfect; your novelist must tell you this, since he is also your friend.’

‘Make me perfect, then, if you can, like God made Man’” (Fernandez 141).


I really, really liked this quote for a couple of reasons, but I liked the fact that we were actually in the novel portion of the novel at this time. I loved how he is talking to his character as if she is an actual real person, and I can picture her as he’s talking to her. I can picture her wanting to be real, not only a figment of his imagination. I can picture her saying “make me perfect,” and just wanting what all other humans have. I find it interesting that he is playing God, but actually calls himself out on it; every novelist is God in a sense in their novel because they created all of it, but he, of course, comes out and says it; he says it indirectly though. After this line in the book he goes on to explain to his character why he cannot make her perfect,  and this is what I like to hear because we see some of his flaws. Throughout the novel he was in charge and he was telling us how we’re going to react to his writing and everything that he is going to do, but now he goes on to tell us that he cannot make the perfect character. He tells us that he cannot make her perfect because this is just how she came up in his head, and the dark truth as to why she was created in his head as an unperfect character. He says that her face was brought up from when you look for a lovers head to shelter your bosom, a very sad and discontent face is brought up into his mind and this was how she was created. We see another side of Fernandez and it’s nice to see that he’s not one sided.


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