Fernandez 1

“Disorderly reader, I do not ask you – unconfessed – to read all of it, or to stop reading all of my novel, what with the pagination having been unraveled in vain for you” (Fernandez 22).


This quote stood out to me for one main reason, and that reason is in the first word. Throughout his novel, he tells us many times that this is going to be a hard book to read and he wants it to be a hard book to read and that there really is no reason for the difficulty of this book, he just wants to bother us or something. This quote pretty much does the same thing; he’s trying to explain to us in his novel, why his novel is worth the read and why it’s difficult. In this situation, he’s telling us it is difficult because the pagination is unraveled through the novel (I mean why not right?). Pagination basically means the sequence of the pages in a book, or the order; here he is telling us that the pagination is completely off and have a good time trying to understand it. All this frustration in a couple of lines and this still isn’t why this quote stood out to me; as I said, it’s in the first word. The reason this quote is different than the rest is because he actually insults the reader in this one! He comes right out and calls us disorderly! I think that this is absolutely ridiculous; first he has the guts to make his novel difficult just because he wants to and then he goes and insults us, the reader, for possibly understanding it? He’s the one with his pagination all out of wack, he’s the disorderly one if you ask me.


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