Don Quixote 5

“Honour is something that a poor man can have, but not a dissolute one; poverty can cast a cloud over nobility but cannot hide it altogether; but if virtue gives out a glimmer of light, even if only through the chinks and straights of penury, it will be valued and therefore favoured by lofty and noble spirits”  (Cervantes 486)


This quote stood out to me from the first word in the sentence, honour. Usually if you start out a sentence with such a powerful and meaningful word, the sentence is going to have a lot of depth and meaning behind it, and this sentence was no different. Basically the sentence is saying that a poor man can have honor but not a poor man with no morals; nobility does not have to be completely hidden by poverty; and if a man still shows his morals, his virtues even through the worst of poverty, then he is a great man. I love this quote because this, to me, is the definition of a strong man, a man that does not let the absolute worst of poverty get to him. A man that just because he doesn’t have enough money to eat every day, doesn’t lose track of the good in his heart. A man that doesn’t have to become a bad person because he has no money. This is true goodness, and this shows what a golden heart really is; when you are put at the absolute bottom of the food chain and still act like you’re at the top.


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