Don Quixote 4

“Her father stood guard over her virtue, and she stood guard over it herself, too, because there are no keys, locks or bolts that can protect a maiden better than her own modest reserve”  (Cervantes 462)


I thought this was a very important quote because the amount of truth it holds behind it. A father can do everything in his power to keep his daughter from losing her innocence and try his hardest to make her keep her virtue, but the fact of the matter is that she has to want it too. It’s her body and her mind, and if the woman wants something, she’s going to get it whether her father likes it or not. Especially if it’s a young woman that we’re talking about, which we are, a father can enforce all the rules that he wants and scare away every man in the town from even laying eyes on his precious daughter, there are always some things that a father will never know. A woman has to protect herself and have respect for herself as well as the loving care of her father and then her virtue will be safe and saved for the right person.


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