Don Quixote 3

“because the soul can only take delight in the beauty and harmony that it sees or contemplates in what the eyes or the imagination places before it, and nothing that contains ugliness or disorder can give us any pleasure”  (Cervantes 440)


This was when the barber and Sancho and the cannon were going back and forth about the priests teachings and Don Quixote and this was when the cannon responded to something that Sancho said about the books that he was talking about and all the absurdities that there were in there. He said that he knew the main purpose of these books was to amuse people but he didn’t understand how absurdities could be amusing to people because they were ugly and ugliness isn’t amusing. I looked a little deeper into the quote than what it actually pertained to; the books and teachings he was talking about. I took the quote out of its context and applied other situations to it and I agree with the quote, with a slight variation. What is beautiful to one man might not be to another, the same goes for ugliness, so something that is ugly to one man can surely bring pleasure to another because that man might not think of it to be ugly but in fact, gorgeous. The fact of the matter is though, that because it is beautiful it is bringing pleasure to that man, so the quote is correct. If by some possibility, something was ugly to every person in the world, it would not bring pleasure to anyone.


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