Don Quixote 2

“God knows the truth, and let’s leave it at that, because the more you stir it, the worse it gets”  (Cervantes 439)


This was when the barber and Sancho were going back and forth and Sancho was warning the barber about trying to scam his master Don Quixote and he warned the barber about getting caught up in his lies. This line goes for every lie though, not just the barber, and not just when you’re trying to scam someone; God knows the truth no matter how good of a liar you are, God knows that it’s a lie and if you start telling too many to the same person about the same situation, it’s very easy to get confused and forget what you say. You remember the truth because it actually happened, but a lie that was fabricated out of thin air is not as easy to remember. I’ve seen friends and family and people that I’ve just met get caught up in their lies and it was the downfall of them for sure. It’s not a pretty sight but like Sancho said, God knows the truth, and that’s the truth.


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